Advent Calendar Printables Made To Be A Momma

advent calendar printables made to be a momma is about some of my favorite mixins include hershey kisses chocolate syrup caramels or caramel saucesyrup sprinkles whipped cream marshmallows candy canes or flavored creamers, the possibilities for these are endless you can print on fabric cardstock scrapbook paper book pages and more i made some out of paper and some out of fabric and i have all the instructions to do both below, hi i am momma readers i am thrilled to be here today cheris blog is full of wonderful creative inspiration for crafting for motherhood and for life, how did this start once there was a famine in sicily and the people prayed to st joseph for relief their prayers were answered and they made an altar and brought their bountiful food to offer

Make Your Own Class Advent Calendar Tekhnologic

you guys i am so excited for today i have hooked up with a wonderful group of bloggers to bring you seven free christmas garland crochet patterns, disclaimer i made this post to make myself feel better for not doing elf on a shelf because im the only mom not doing it i am not making fun of you or your elf

this post contains affiliate links to learn more about em click here its so easy to get caught up in the chaos of christmas there are presents to buy and wrap christmas cards to make and send lights to hang and goodies to make, this week we made a jesus fish craft using only cardboard tubes glue and glitter the kids had so much fun with this one this was such a simple process, often we focus on having fun over the summer and making it a great time for us and the kids i want to make this summer great for everyone and encourage the kids to do random acts of kindness through the summer like we did at christmas, want to decorate with your favorite quote learn how to create canvas wall art with these simple tips and tricks for less than 20 and then there was that time you found the perfect quote for your future room makeover youre planning in your head for a year and you just know it needs to be magical