author an author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or play and is thus also a writer more broadly defined an author is the person who , noun the author of the article didnt check his facts i enjoyed the book but i cant remember the name of the author she is the author of a plan for reforming the

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dawn husted is a youngadult author of three books grab your free copy of the shortstory prequel to the grim reaper novel that hooks readers until the very end, author definition 1 the writer of a book article play etc 2 a person who begins or creates something 3 to write a book article etc learn more

author definition a person who writes a novel poem essay etc the composer of a literary work as distinguished from a compiler translator editor or copyist, usage note the verb author has been criticized for its transitive use as an unnecessary or pretentious synonym of write though note that it typically refers to the

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