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home homemade and lip gloss on pinterest is about so i do remember that its january and were posting healthy recipes and that this is lip gloss and not food and whatever but im posting this recipe now for a couple of reasons, today i am sharing the simple process for making your own coconut oil lip gloss which makes a pretty and useful gift for any woman on your list, this natural homemade lip balm recipe is easy to make uses completely natural ingredients try this diy recipe for an alternative to commercial lip gloss, oh pretty lip gloss there are so many options from chocolate flavored to strawberries and cream from a slight shimmer to a brilliant red i use to love all the lip gloss and lip stick

How To Make Your Own Natural Lip Gloss She Uncovered

homemade lip balm is a fabulous diy gift that can be made it minutes these little tins of lip balm fit easily in your pocket and will help keep your lips super soft during the cold winter months or days at the beach, now if you are ready to get started here is a whole bunch of links to homemade gift ideas that you would actually want to get each one will bring you to the full diy so get ready to get crafty


take a peek at our instructions on how to make koolaid lip gloss my 5 year old and 7 year old were impressed with this experiment and im sure your kids will also be thrilled with this activity and the lip smacking results, making your own diy lip gloss is easy and fun for more pretty and delicious be sure to follow me on instagram last week i had activity day girls, whether you have a minimalist approach to makeup or just have sensitive skin this easy to make coconut oil lip gloss will be right for you, how to make lip scrub at home you know when your lips get nasty dry and cracked the kind of dry where your lips peel and bleed and you cant eat or drink anything for two days until your bleeding and broken lips heal enough to go out in public

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