Origin Of Valentine S Day


origin of valentine s day is about valentines day also called saint valentines day or the feast of saint valentine is celebrated annually on february 14 it originated as a western christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named valentinus , st valentines day is named for a christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century but has origins in the roman holiday lupercalia great romances in history history of valentines day, valentines day is a time to celebrate romance and love and kissyface fealty but the origins of this festival of candy and cupids are actually dark bloody and a bit muddled

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humans is powered by vocalvocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers musicians filmmakers podcasters and other creators to get discovered and fund their creativity, valentines day also called st valentines day holiday february 14 when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts the holiday has origins in the roman festival of lupercalia held in midfebruary, press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page a star icon for some browsers then choose the option to add this bookmark to your home screen


the origins of valentines day every year the fourteenth day of the month of february has millions across the world presenting their loved ones with candy flowers chocolates and other lovely gifts, valentines day in fact originated as a liturgical feast to celebrate the decapitation of a thirdcentury christian martyr or perhaps two, though hearts and roses are red retailers and business owners see the green of money when it comes to celebrating the holiday below are some fast facts about the valentines holiday

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