Valentine Kebartas


valentine kebartas is about welcome to valentine kebartas llc valentine and kebartas llc vk provides collection services to public and private sector clients we offer a broad range of service types and options to our clients to assist with their accounts receivable management needs, kept receiving calls from valentine kebartas after my bankrupcty case was filed there is a 30 day stay after you file and creditors are not supposed to call or harrass you, you will need to send them a certified return receipt debt validation by law they have to go back to the original creditor to prove you owe the debt cease and desist calling or not me letter this will be the best money that you have ever invested, its a collection agency i know that because they are calling my parents their information is valentine kebartas 15 union street lawrence ma 01843

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the fraudsters coconspirators robosignors mortgage servicing fraud occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and bookkeeping entries fabricated assignments forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible notes to take a homeowners property and equity, my name is lisa well someone keep calling my phone leaving messages about a persons brother trying to get information about his brother claiming to be from a company named superior locators inc


debt collection agencies if youre receiving a multitude of phone calls from a debt collector and you cant identify who is calling were here to help, find a list of professional debt collectors and collection agencies which provides debt collection and business to business debt recovery services, offers free legal help to consumers to stop debt collectors calls debt collections agencies must follow fair debt collection laws, stop diversified consultants inc dci collection calls if diversified consultants or its callers are using abusive collection tactics then the fair debt collection practices act fdcpa has been violated and you have the right to seek recovery and free legal help