What Is The Origin Of Valentine S Day


what is the origin of valentine s day is about valentines day is a romantic holiday celebrated each year on february 14 learn about st valentine valentines day quotes and the history of valentines day, while not thought to be directly related to modern valentines day traditions the beginnings of celebrating love of a sort in february date back to the romans, though hearts and roses are red retailers and business owners see the green of money when it comes to celebrating the holiday below are some fast facts about the valentines holiday, in the third century the roman empire was being invaded by goths at the same time the plague of cyprian probably smallpox broke out killing at its height 5000 people a day so many died that

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the tradition of valentines day is believed to have originated from the pagan customs of the third century or fourth century bc when the parentalia and feralia festivals of purification were celebrated in ancient rome between february 13 and february 18, valentines day facts activities and resources also includes free worksheets crafts stories and songs


valentines day february 14 love cupid hearts chocolates cards and flowers are everywhereits valentines day on february 14 americans celebrate love and friendship, origin history and traditions of the celebration of valentines day hearts cards and candy, observation valentines day in countries which observe white day is typically observed by girls and women presenting chocolate gifts either storebought or handmade usually to boys or men as an expression of love courtesy or social obligation, a valentine is a card or gift given on valentines day or ones sweetheart and may refer to valentine name a given name and surname and list of people and fictional characters with the name

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