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why do we give chocolate on valentines day the fact site is about valentines day in japan is celebrated a little bit different women are supposed to give chocolates to men they dont only give it to the ones they truly love but also to their coworkers their boss etc the latter is called giri choco duty chocolate, valentines day also called saint valentines day or the feast of saint valentine is celebrated annually on february 14 it originated as a western christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named valentinus, rose day did you know that the last week before valentines day has specific seven name days these are rose day propose day chocolate day teddy day promise day hug day and kiss day, 1 all posts must make an attempt at humor humor is subjective but all posts must at least make an attempt at humor as the minimum age for reddit access is 13 years old posts which are intentionally disruptive inane or nonsensical will be removed

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for everybody who wants to put a little extra effort in this holiday whip up this chocolate raspberry mousse cake and let your lover gracefully fall into a fluffy sugar coma, around valentines day the aromas of chocolate flowers and love linger in the air whip up a sweet treat with our best valentines day dessert recipesincluding miniheart pies molten lava cake classic sugar cookies easy turtle candies and more

thank you for not making a big deal about a jew buying a loved one a chocolate heart on valentines day kosher of course i have seen people get all bent out of shape for the simple acknowledgement of this now secular holiday, we had no idea that you could make rugs erotic and after seeing this we still dont think you can though it does get points for resembling the pixelated ladies of early nintendo fantasies, baatman74 ok lets see a little logic here not feel good what do we do go there with our own workers try rto hire enough adults there or let these kids do something usfull and make a little money in that god forsaken land, culture valentines day why humans arent the only heartbreakers sometimes lousy battery life delayed hyperloops and canceled amazon shows leave us feeling just as lousy as our exes do