Winthorpe And Valentine


winthorpe and valentine is about trading places how winthorpe and valentine pulled it off i was watching trading places a while back for about the seventh or eighth time and it occurred to me that i still didnt know exactly how winthorpe dan aykroyd and valentine eddie murphy did what they did to make a gazillion bucks and simultaneously break duke and duke, the dukes frame winthorpe for embezzlement and possession of drugs and use a hooker named ophelia curtis to further humiliate him in front of his fiancée winthorpe loses his job his house and his fiancée in short order and he ends up living with ophelia who takes pity on him, the running theme of old world meeting new traditional meeting modern is evident in winthorpe valentines beverage and culinary menu the traditional restaurant focus is turned on its head as the bar menu and cocktail program take center stage, trama louis winthorpe iii è un ricco agente di cambio esponente della filadelfia bene dai modi e dal carattere fin troppo altezzosi la sua vita trascorre felice tra lappagante lavoro lo svago con gli altolocati amici lamore della bella ma superficiale fidanzata penelope e i servigi del fedele maggiordomo coleman questultimo forse l

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randolph e mortimer duke sono due finanzieri di filadelfia louis winthorpe iii aykroyd è il loro delfino e promesso sposo della loro nipote, anyway we all know the story from trading places dan aykroyd plays a snobbish investor louis winthorpe the third while eddie murphy plays a street con artist billy ray valentine whose lives get reversed as a result of a bet between two cruel millionaires the duke brothers


synopsis louis winthorpe iii est un jeune directeur chargé des investissements chez duke duke une puissante banque de philadelphie billy ray valentine est un noir combinard mais fauché, trading places is a 1983 american comedy film directed by john landis and starring dan aykroyd and eddie murphy it tells the story of an upperclass commodities broker and a homeless street hustler whose lives cross paths when they are unknowingly made part of an elaborate bet, trading places script your breakfast sir pork bellies i have a hunch something exciting is going to happen in the pork belly market this morning, handlung louis winthorpe iii ist der geschäftsführer von duke duke commodities brokers dem unternehmen der millionenschweren brüder randolph und mortimer duke das warentermingeschäfte betreibt und vermittelt

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